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Located in Southern New Hampshire, Autumn Energy provides residential energy audits to homes throughout New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont and Northeast Massachusetts.

The most important moment in every audit is engaging each customer as an active participant in the auditing process.  You, the customer, have the biggest influence over the health, comfort and well-being of your home and your family.   Knowledge is power.  Knowledge is control.  Knowledge is cost savings.

Our goal is to provide you with the most impactful, educational experience and cost effective options to ensure home comfort, energy savings and long term peace of mind.

My name is Scott Hirsch.  As a BPI Certified Professional, I will provide you with the confidence that you are receiving accurate diagnostic results, an educational experience and a complete remediation recommendation plan.  

Available service options include a thorough Indoor/Outdoor Walk-Through, Blower Door Diagnostics, Thermal Imaging, Indoor Air Quality tests and more.

A typical residential audit will take from two to eight hours to complete depending on home size, home complexity and the selection of audit tests needed to ensure we've captured all of the necessary data to address all of your concerns. 

Once the residential audit is complete, all diagnostic data will be analyzed and a detailed report will be provided to you with all of your remediation options including estimated remediation costs as well as the estimated return on each of your remediation investments.  You are empowered with all the information to choose the right plan for your home and your family.

The cost of a residential energy audit will depend on the physical aspects of your specific home and the tests needed to accurately diagnose the cause of energy waste and monetary loss.  The information needed to provide you with an estimate can be discussed during a brief phone call or e-mail correspondence.

Allow me to assist you in providing you and your family with a clean, comfortable home.  Let me help you put your money back in your pocket.

For more information about our services, please contact us at or call 603.714.3428.

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